Business Technology Strategy

The best solutions start with the problem. Our tech team will lead the charge by helping to identify technology deficiencies and opportunities. We will guide you through an in-depth approach to your technology success plan.

Cyber Security

Today, it's more important than ever to maintain complete end-to-end security. Keep your data safe and operations moving with our multi-layered integrated cyber security service. We offer network security monitoring, managed firewall service, endpoint protection, data protection, access management, compliance services, and ongoing cyber security consulting.

Network Solutions

Keep your business connected and under control, all within finger reach. Our team will ensure your business has the right network technology in place, updated, and secure at all times. We offer industry-central tools, business-wide integrated systems, and ongoing support when you need it most.

Backup & Recovery

Never miss a beat, even in the worst times. Your business should have a comprehensive redundancy plan in place along with recovery protocols to help prevent ever actually seeing any downtime. We will integrate a backup technology system and support plan to help ensure your business stays up and running efficiently.

Cloud Services

Business operations are more demanding than ever before, from real-time data requirements to remote and travel support to enterprise location management. Your business must operate in the cloud to keep up with the competition. Concept Co. will offer managed cloud services with the latest and most cost-effective CDN for internal and external access.

Server & Infrastructure

Sometimes, local infrastructure is best. In fact, with data speeds increasing to support the latest technology solutions, it is more important than ever that your server infrastructure supports your business system to stand alongside or in conjunction with cloud-based systems. Let our tech team at Concept Co. help implement and manage your server and technology infrastructure solution.

Device Management

Devices are the key to communication in business. The Concept Co. tech team can help to plan your device needs, deploy devices into the workplace, and help manage devices ongoing remotely and onsite. From phones to laptops to industry equipment, we will keep you connected around the clock.

Support & Help Desk

Technology breaks down, people need help fixing things, and software is constantly being updated to meet new business demands. Our tech team is hear to help support your business on the ground floor. We are real people located here in the United States trained to support your technology needs. Give us a call.

Security & Surveillance

Keep your eye on operations and facility security any time of the day from anywhere in the world. Our integrated security system platform keeps you connected and alert of all activity. Concept Co. will provide a bulletproof security technology plan and install necessary cameras, door sensors, and other security hardware to keep you informed and safe 24/7.

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