2016 Tech Trends & Industry Forecast: How It All Comes Together

The fundamentals of marketing will likely never change. However technology has begun to play a larger role in how we deliver messages to the customer base. These evolving landscapes are causing plates to shift and emerging technology to erupt from beneath us. The digital climate is on the verge of a dramatic adjustment yet again! While many will run & hide in fear, those who have an understanding of these innovative developments will thrive with the most awesome results.

This will become a time in our history where “it all comes together”. Using data information we have the ability to narrow down every last detail about any single audience. Combining that with the latest tech trends, reaching anyone anywhere, while delivering the most creative message possible, gives us a the most personalized conversations with our customers. From this we can create the most effective, transparent, and concentrated campaigns to date. Imagine being able to speak with an individual instead of a house-hold, having the ability to create purchasing opportunity in real-time, and spreading lifestyle trend like wildfire. 2016 is going to be a wild ride for planet Earth, we thought you’d rather read about it today.


Smart Content & the New Digital

Yes, we live in a digital world, but what does that mean? The idea of digital is such a broad term. Media companies use it referring to large scale, computer operated billboards. Ad agencies throw the term around loosely to capture the attention of everything technology involved. Even sound equipment brands listen to the word “digital” on their own wavelength. Well, to be honest it’s just that. Everything around us is run on a digital platform. That can be your mobile phone, real time outdoor advertising, and now the introduction to fully digital television entertainment, the latest landscape that “brings it all together”.

The way of the future is reaching your customer by knowing everything about them before the creative is produced. With network cable sales down, and streaming television entertainment on the rise, we can use tech trends to guide our ads. We can build interactive commercials that evolve based on who’s watching, when, where, and most importantly why. Imagine watching a commercial that knows your name, favorite food, and what night of the week you “order out” most. Impressed, but wait, you can place your order instantly all from your TV remote! What’s more exciting is we know where to expose your ads for the most potency. This is where Adwords meets in home advertising meets real-time commerce. This is the ultimate in convenience and conversations. BOOM! Yup we know, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


Let the World Know

Transparency is a word most brands fear. But why? As consumers grow hungrier for information, so does their appetite for a great story. The best stories are the true ones everybody knows that. An idea that customers know to be true will create the most disruptive message possible; something real to stand for, and buy into of course. Great brands have already started doing this and the best ones have it mastered. Over the next year or so we’ll see brands begin to transition into quality stories that hold more integrity because they are true. It’s time to tell your story.



Some think the recent Google® update to mobile platforms has come and gone, with only minimal damage. Some of those same people thought the “Internet” was a fad. Get with the times people! Mobile results are more different than desktop now than ever, and for good reason. More and more consumers are acquiring smart phones and using them in their routines every day. If you’re website and it’s content aren’t mobile friendly by 2016, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your rankings, if you haven’t already. And we all know those organic results are the ones that are hardest to grow.

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Written by:

Zach Beaman

President & Creative Director,

Concept Co. Creative