Concept Co. Named the Face of Milwaukee Marketing Technology

Marketing technology for business growth

Last Month Concept Co. had the honor of once again being featured in Milwaukee Magazine’s Faces of Milwaukee 2023 as the Face of Marketing Technology.

Here at Concept Co. we are riding the wave of what our CEO, Zach Beaman, calls, “The Big Shift”. The shift of conventional thinking into the digital future. We partner with companies that want to ride that wave, or in other words, companies that are seeking change. As Milwaukee Magazine says, here at Concept Co. we create a tailored business ecosystem. But how do we do it?

As a business-to-business digital growth agency we use a full scale approach to marketing technologies. When clients come to Concept Co. and say they need something like a new social media campaign, we ask, why? Oftentimes they need something more than just a new social media campaign and the real problem is something a little deeper. Which is why we build from the ground up, identifying problems and solutions that the client may not have even realized were there. Using a CRM we can help you automate the customer journey and connect the sales team to the marketing, driving leads to your business. We can also use a CRM to manage email and SMS marketing campaigns that discover those leads.Along with CRM we can give your business a facelift by updating and optimizing your website as well as helping you create valuable content for your newly designed website. With SEM we can get your website or business discovered and ranked on search engines while also supporting through data like SEO reports. To make sure your business fully succeeds we will also help with your POS to make it as smooth as possible for both you and the customer. All of this in conjunction with one another, creates for our full body transformation of how you do business.

However, it doesn’t start with technology. Our process starts with thought out and detailed strategy to be implemented through a combination of technology and creative ideas. All of this orchestrated by our tight knit team of creatives, programmers, and storytellers.

Milwaukee’s Manufacturing ad agency

At Concept Co. we can do it all, but what we are really good at is manufacturing marketing. Everything anyone touches on a daily basis is somehow manufactured. It is the backbone of our society and we as an agency want to be right in the middle of it.

Being located on Water Street and looking over the downtown, we can see the importance of manufacturing right out our office window. Milwaukee was built on manufacturing and that’s not changing anytime soon.

One manufacturing company that we have had the pleasure of working with is, local Milwaukee company, Midwest Iron. We helped them in promoting and getting the word out to builders about their prefabricated aluminum balconies. We helped Midwest Iron meet yearly goals as well as open up new markets for them to explore. Creating an all around successful partnership.

Concept Co. and it’s new faces

At the start of the summer we brought on two new new interns Brenden Kazukewicz, Jr. Marketing Specialist, and Laura Dobie, Jr. Graphic Designer. All have slotted into the team great and are really making a mark here at the company.