Concept Co. Adapts to the New Google Layout

You may have noticed something different about Google recently and no, you are not going crazy. Not long ago, Google confirmed that its desktop search engine results pages would cease to display text ads on the right sidebar. Instead, up to four text ads will display above the organic listings and as many as three at the bottom of the page. So, how does this new Google layout affect how we make your content stand out?

What has changed
No longer will text ads perch on the right rail of desktop search results and will instead make their way to the mainline area above the organic listings, as many as four instead of the once common three for highly commercial queries. What exactly are highly commercial queries? Well, in Google’s terms, queries in which they perceive intent to purchase. Three text ads will also display at the bottom of the results page, with the total number of text ads on a page shrinking from as many as eleven to a maximum of seven. In relevant queries, product listing ad blocks and knowledge panels will appear in the right rail. This change in events is unraveling worldwide on both Google and search partners, though not all search partners offer sidebar inventory.

The impact
So, what does this mean Concept Co. is doing about the change? The impact stems from two main sources, changes in marketing strategy and changes to the desktop layout itself. While the removal of the sidebar means less ads overall, Google has designed those displayed at the top of the page to appear more natural. Competition is likely to increase due to the coveted ad locations among the new layout. While this may force brands to switch gears, here at Concept Co., we will adapt as Google has, to get our client’s results to the top of the page. Implementing impactful keywords and focusing heavily on organic search results, we will closely monitor results and optimize your organic performance.

How we will make your content stand out
In order to succeed on this new Google layout of the search engine results page, how we balance PPC and SEO is now more important than ever. We will ensure that your campaigns are tested and balanced to determine how much PPC slack your SEO can pick up. Together, we will take a comprehensive look at your customers and your content, and pinpoint your entire brand reputation. To produce high-quality desirable content that answers the needs of customers, we need to compose what your customers find intriguing. By identifying topics in demand, producing a variety of content types, and tracking your success, we can efficiently monitor engagement and conversion rates. We will ensure that your content is entirely optimized and that your results can visually compete with the ads so prominently placed on the search engine pages. Continue to actively engage with your audience on social media and drive engagement rates and we will ensure your content is marked up with Meta tags and schema to attract as much attention as possible.

Of course, there are pros and cons to this new layout, but nothing we can’t acclimate to. We will measure your results, monitor your rank position, and make adjustments as necessary to effectively learn to succeed within this new system. Don’t forget the importance of positive customer experiences while we work to optimize your content to maximize appeal against ad results. We will work smart, create compelling search content strategies, and adapt as necessary to improve performance.