Concept Co. Celebrating their 75th Website Launch and Eight Years in Business

Concept Co., a creative marketing agency in Milwaukee, WI, is celebrating their eighth anniversary, and just this week officially celebrated their 75th website launch, for a transportation company called Berger Transport.

This marks an important milestone for the ad agency, because while their first few years were largely utilized for exploring their landscape, creating a process, and building a group of quality clientele, big changes are planned for the near future. With their vast inventory of experience, and knowhow for continuous updating of their marketing process and strategy to stay ahead of the constantly changing digital landscape, they’re really getting down to the nitty gritty and identifying the key details needed to maximize results for each client. Bringing on a few new staff members to really nail down their month-to-month, by early next year they expect to fill up the office and increase their capacity for achieving even greater results for their expanding list of clients.

Concept Co. is very grateful and always excited to be working with the amazing companies they have had the pleasure to help grow, while building and strengthening the positive branding and messaging each one brings to their respective communities. Being trusted with handling something like digital marketing in this day and age, is an increasingly important responsibility. The agency’s newest addition to their Internet Marketing Strategy Department takes great pride in her job and sets high expectations for herself and her new professional home. With the awareness that many internet companies have come and gone, attempting to scam their way to riches, she recognizes the good values instilled in Concept Co.’s owners, Zach Beaman and Migueal Lockhart, and sees a great future for their current and future clients!

The agency will be hosting an event this coming Fall to allow their clients to come together for a unique networking opportunity, and to show their appreciation for each of them.

Looking forward to many more successful years!