Unicorns Work for Agencies

Here’s your hiring wish list: graphic designer, videographer, photographer, copywriter, brand strategist, social media expert, analytical guru, pay-per-click wizard. But you’re hoping to find someone who can do it all, right?

Guess what? You want a Creative Director. The best Creative Directors don’t want to work for you.

Professional marketers who can do everything under the sun aren’t satisfied with the expected. They detest cubicles, limitations, tradition, and the “it’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality of companies, honestly, just like yours. These rare marketing creatures are often referred to as “Unicorns” and guess what? They work at advertising agencies.

Seriously. You want to find the most creative, innovative, motivated, passionate people in advertising? Find an advertising agency. Why? Unicorns need freedom, flexibility, creative space. They need to be surrounded by others like them that push ideas further, inspire beautiful strings of language and images that stir something inside of people. They need the unexpected, the messy, the adventurous to create marketing campaigns that truly captivate an audience.

If by some miracle you happen to catch a Unicorn and ask them to sit down, button up and create content around a singular brand, you’re going to suffocate what makes them special in the first place.

Your brand needs a Unicorn and Unicorns need freedom. When you’re looking for someone to breathe new life into your brand, into your marketing campaigns, your gut tells you they need to know your company inside and out. They need to work with you, live behind a cubicle wall like the rest of your team.

Here’s the problem – great ideas aren’t fostered in structured environments. They’re fostered in emotional, creative, artistic ones and great advertising agencies create those spaces. Hiring an advertising agency allows you to leverage the power of a Unicorn without drowning it in unnecessary restrictions. Hiring an advertising agency allows the best creative for the world, not just what’s inspired by your office’s four walls. Hiring an advertising agency allows Unicorns to create imaginative, powerful content around your brand and frees up your team to sustain, grow and support that brand.

And isn’t that your real goal?