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Does My Business Really Need a Social Presence?

We hear the same excuses all the time from clients, “We don’t use Facebook because its a waste of time.” or “We just don’t have time to commit to social…”. While in certain circumstances it may help if you’re listed in the white pages, or have an ad with a local media provider, Internet is where people go to for quick information. With the web in everyone’s pocket, who’s going to reach for a phonebook?

For many, creating a social presence for your brand will not only reach more customers, but it will also reach a new, younger audience. According to The Guardian, millennials are the most active on social media, with 75% of them having created at least one social media account. Followed by 50% of Generation X, 30% of baby boomers and 6% of those aged 65 and older (Brait 2016). Whether for personal or business use, more and more people are using social media and not just for socializing but for reading the news and shopping as well.

Now, businesses will be able to better understand their foot traffic after running local ads through one of Facebook’s Ads Reporting tools called Store Visits (Morrison 2016). The tool aims to track how many people come into a store after seeing a Facebook ad. Social media analytics is providing more audience based information to business’ now than ever before, offering valuable info as to how and where you should focus your resources to increase your presence.

Maybe, social media isn’t for you? Not all businesses need Facebook to grow, or even survive. There are a small percentage of businesses that may never gain a new customer or lead through social outreach. There are also many businesses who do not have the ability to correctly maintain social outreach. This can actually have negative effects with an audience, inevitably hurting a business’s image.

So how do you know? Here are a couple of questions that might help you make the choice to go social…

Is your audience base on social media networks?

Are you working to increase the awareness of your brand image?

Are you selling products online or promoting specific services to a consumer facing demographic?

Are your competitors successful on social media?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you need to meet your customers where they are! So many businesses have realized the increasing potential of social media. Don’t get left behind!  

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