How Businesses Can Maintain a Distinct But Consistent Brand Voice Across Social Media Channels

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Milwaukee, we can tell you that brand voice is one of the most important things you need to develop. 

Brand voice is an extension of your brand personality. While what you say about your brand is important, how you say it is essential. It lets your brand’s personality and values shine through.

A consistent brand voice will help people recognize your brand when they hear or read any of your communication. 

Here are some steps that you can take to establish and maintain a distinct, but consistent brand voice across your social media channels.

Follow Company Values

What does your brand stand for? Your company’s core values can be a guide as you build a brand voice. It should be heard in all of your messaging. 

You might also think about surveying some of your customers about how they view your brand. It can help you find out what people really think of your brand and the general feeling of your marketing.

If you want to be seen as an authority in your industry, your brand’s messaging should sound confident, but not condescending. If you want to be quirky – you should aim for irreverent, but not snarky. 

Unsurprisingly, honesty is the number one thing that people look for in brands. Be as transparent as possible no matter what approach you take with your brand voice.

Keep Your Vocabulary Consistent 

Your vocabulary can change the tone of your brand voice. How formal do you want to be? Informal will be much friendlier, but it can come across as unprofessional. You will also want to avoid technical terms as often as possible. 

Sometimes it is necessary to use them, but they might alienate people in your audience who think that they make the message too difficult to understand.

Although it should remain pretty consistent for the most part, you can tweak your vocabulary based on context. 

A post on LinkedIn can – and probably should – be a bit more technical and formal than a tweet due to the difference in length allowed by each site.

Even the individual words you choose in each sentence are key to creating consistent a brand voice.

Track Audience Engagement

Every bit of communication you have with your audience helps to build your brand voice. Even something as small as a reply on Twitter can change someone’s perspective of your company. 

One study found that 43% of social media users expect a direct response to their questions by brands.

Reliability can easily become a trait that people associate with your brand voice. When you track engagement across your social media channels, you can respond quickly to any mentions or posts and directly influence how brand perception. 

Make Your Social Media Worthwhile

A refined brand voice can make people respond to your marketing messages. Your company values can help you decide what you want your voice to sound like. 

Make sure to use a relatively simple vocabulary, but feel free to tweak it to fit within the limits of each medium. 

Finally, track engagement so that you can step in to guide conversation about your brand to the places you want it to go.

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