Influencer Marketing and What You Need To Know

Ever scrolled through Instagram to see #AD or #PARTNER in the first few lines of a photo’s caption? Well, guess what, you’ve been influenced. Influencer Marketing is the latest in digital advertising trends and it’s not going anywhere. Not sure what an Influencer Marketing Campaign is and why it should be in your marketing mix? You’re not alone. Influencer Campaigns are just the social media version of word of mouth and product endorsements.

What typically happens is Brands, of all sizes, seek out content creators (everyone from actors to industry experts to hyper-local talent that have an established online audience) to post content around their product or service. Typically the advertiser will provide the Influencer a sample, an example of the service or leverage someone who has experience with your Brand.

influencer marketing

Before you consider launching an Influencer Marketing Campaign there’s one important fact you need to consider: Not all Influencers are created equal.

Find the right fit for your brand, your budget and your goals with these simple tips:

Understand and leverage the conversation. The best Influencer Campaigns are ones that are mutually beneficial for the content creator, advertiser, and target audiences. Find talent that already uses your product, uses similar products or whose content naturally fits in the conversation with your Brand. You wouldn’t ask Bill Nye to advertise a line of neckties, would you? #BowTiesForLife

Know the true value. Influencer Marketing Campaigns are still relatively new. Top tier Influencers are able to regulate the market and lower tier or hyper local Influencers are underpricing their reach. You need to know what makes sense for your product goals, reach and conversions before you approach a content creator. Otherwise, you could spend big bucks on a campaign that just spins its wheels.

Determine real engagement. When looking for the best Influencer for your marketing campaign, look at who is actually engaging and connecting with their audience. On average, an Influencer should get 15-20% of their overall audience to engage with their content, this means likes, comments, shares, etc. What good is a million followers or subscribers if only a few hundred actually see an Influencer’s posts?

Be mindful of Influencer burn out. What other products is your talent advertising? How often? Are they seeing reduced engagement on those ads, compared to their non-sponsored content, and by how much? If a content creator is endorsing every brand under the sun or is seeing reduced engagement due to irrelevant or poorly chosen advertising partners, you should consider this major red flags.

The Concept Co. team has worked with Brands of all sizes to enlist Influencers. If you’re interested in learning more or are looking for an advertising partner who can bring your marketing campaign to the next level, let’s talk.