Snap Ads: The New Kid on the Block

Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app was developed in 2011 and has recently entered what we’ll call the “adolescent phase” of social media platforms. The kinks have been worked out, new features are being rolled out consistently, over 187 million users use the platform everyday and advertising was rolled out in 2016. However Snapchat advertising, Snap Ads, had spending thresholds that made it inaccessible to many smaller businesses.

Recently, Snapchat has drastically lowered its prices of advertising or Snap Ads, making now the best time to dive into the world of Snap Ads and test out advertising your brand on a different social media platform.  

If you’re worried about Snapchat being full of “a bunch of teenagers” and nothing more, research actually shows that most users of Snapchat users are 18-34. Snapchat’s daily active users visit the app 18 times per day, spend 30 minutes on the app daily, and 60% of them also create daily snaps.

Targeting Capabilities

Snapchat provides you with a database of pre-defined audiences. Companies have the ability to choose from over 300 groups of people based on what Snapchatters care about, what they buy, what they watch and where they go. There is also the option to send your message to an intended demographic. This includes the ability to get the specific age, location, device type, and even income and parental status.

Ad Formats

There are three categories of ads that you can choose from. Snap Ads are full screen advertisements. Filters are location based filters. This means if a Snapchatter is in the specific location that you assigned your filter to, they will be able to access it and share it to their friends. Lastly, there are Lenses which is ultimately a filter that the user can interact with, play with, and share.

How to Best Promote Your Brand

A good starting point when using Snap Ads is sharing brand milestones and showing personality. It is best to keep users entertained while building a relationship with your audience. Also, Promoting your brand with short and easy to remember URLs is another way to easily promote yourself. Snapchat gives you the ability to attach your URL to directly to a snap and drive user back to your website as well.

If you need more inspiration for how to incorporate Snap Ads into your marketing strategy, Snapchat provides a bevy cases studies and success stories on their website.

With Snap Ad’s making it easier and more affordable than ever to promote your brand, it’s definitely time to give this platform a shot!