Tuesday, March 14 2017 / Published in Blog
Digital marketing and Millennials
A Generation of Cable Cutters Digital marketing and consumer’s digital demands are constantly evolving. One of most commonly bucked traditions in today’s digital consumer base is the need for cable television. The trend is leaning, especially for many Millennials, to ditch the expensive cable package and opt-in for digital streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or
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360 degree marketing
Breaking From Tradition – How to Simplify Your Marketing Message with 360 Degree Marketing Videos Today in order to be seen brands must be disruptive. They must adapt to new technology and do it quickly. NASA, the organization that put the first men on the moon in 1969, is shaping up to a digital pioneer
Friday, November 11 2016 / Published in Blog
ux meaning
UX, or User Experience has become a mainstream discussion topic for companies that are serious about staying in business and sustaining growth. The topic of UX in itself is broad, and can include someone’s experience on your company’s website, to an interaction at a physical store, to the actual use of the product by the
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Concept Co. Press Release
:: For Immediate Release, 28 October 2016 :: The month of October, now termed “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” or “Pink October” is an important time for many, as it has been dedicated to heightening the awareness of breast cancer, to give a boost to research efforts that are providing improved treatments and making strides towards a pharmaceutical
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Branding definition
Branding Definition: the promise to your customer. What they can expect from you, and what makes you unique, compared to your competitors. More and more frequently we here about this “branding” thing – messaging, image, impression, importance – at least within the business and marketing worlds. Without a good brand message, or with a negative
Friday, September 30 2016 / Published in Blog
Niche Marketing
What is niche marketing, and how can Pokémon Go teach you helpful things for your business? 100 million app downloads… 21 million active daily users… $10 million daily revenue… umm, how can I get some of that? Ah Pokémon… if you’re a millennial, or perhaps a parent of a millennial, you probably know all about
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Google Updates 2016
Google has been the ruler of the search universe since search engines became part of our daily lives. Constantly updating and throwing spammers for a spin, doing their best to make sure the very best quality content is at the top of every search performed by a Google user. With Google’s increasing lack of trust
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Expertise® has named Concept Co. as one of the “best advertising agencies in Milwaukee”. That’s right folks, and boy are we honored! Expertise.com reviewed 293 agencies throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Expertise.com takes candidates through a rigorous review process, examining criteria such as reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism, and customer engagement. Starting with 293 local ad firms,
Wednesday, August 31 2016 / Published in Blog
Concept Co., a creative marketing agency in Milwaukee, WI, is celebrating their eighth anniversary, and just this week officially celebrated their 75th website launch, for a transportation company called Berger Transport. This marks an important milestone for the ad agency, because while their first few years were largely utilized for exploring their landscape, creating a
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social presence
We hear the same excuses all the time from clients, “We don’t use Facebook because its a waste of time.” or “We just don’t have time to commit to social…”. While in certain circumstances it may help if you’re listed in the white pages, or have an ad with a local media provider, Internet is where