Thursday, September 15 2016 / Published in Blog
Google Updates 2016
Google has been the ruler of the search universe since search engines became part of our daily lives. Constantly updating and throwing spammers for a spin, doing their best to make sure the very best quality content is at the top of every search performed by a Google user. With Google’s increasing lack of trust
Friday, September 09 2016 / Published in Blog
Expertise® has named Concept Co. as one of the “best advertising agencies in Milwaukee”. That’s right folks, and boy are we honored! reviewed 293 agencies throughout southeastern Wisconsin. takes candidates through a rigorous review process, examining criteria such as reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism, and customer engagement. Starting with 293 local ad firms,
Wednesday, August 31 2016 / Published in Blog
Concept Co., a creative marketing agency in Milwaukee, WI, is celebrating their eighth anniversary, and just this week officially celebrated their 75th website launch, for a transportation company called Berger Transport. This marks an important milestone for the ad agency, because while their first few years were largely utilized for exploring their landscape, creating a
Monday, June 27 2016 / Published in Blog
social presence
We hear the same excuses all the time from clients, “We don’t use Facebook because its a waste of time.” or “We just don’t have time to commit to social…”. While in certain circumstances it may help if you’re listed in the white pages, or have an ad with a local media provider, Internet is where
Monday, April 18 2016 / Published in Blog
Your niche market
Every business needs marketing and for some that means creating a general advertising plan to attract the masses. However, if your business operates within a specialized industry, as many do these days, this approach will not attract your intended audience. Devoting time and resources to effectively identify a more targeted market can drastically help maximize
Tuesday, April 05 2016 / Published in Blog
new google layout
You may have noticed something different about Google recently and no, you are not going crazy. Not long ago, Google confirmed that its desktop search engine results pages would cease to display text ads on the right sidebar. Instead, up to four text ads will display above the organic listings and as many as three
Monday, February 29 2016 / Published in Blog
capture millennial engagement
With February winding down, we are looking at ways to capture Millennial engagement through unique efforts that cater specifically to this trendy generation. 2015 was poised as the year of the Millennial consumer, but how did that turn out? What about 2016? The question at hand, for many companies, is not “should we engage them”
Wednesday, January 13 2016 / Published in Blog
social media predictions
Welcome to 2016! With 2015 now a year in review, we can reflect on the most impactful social media trends that took place. While no one can fully predict what will or will not intrigue the fickle minded consumers of today, we can put forth some trends that, given motion in 2015, are likely to
Thursday, June 25 2015 / Published in Blog
The fundamentals of marketing will likely never change. However technology has begun to play a larger role in how we deliver messages to the customer base. These evolving landscapes are causing plates to shift and emerging technology to erupt from beneath us. The digital climate is on the verge of a dramatic adjustment yet again!
Tuesday, April 22 2014 / Published in Blog
product placement
Have you ever been home watching an episode of your favorite sitcom and seen a pair of shoes or even a piece of furniture that you had to have? Product placement is no new idea. Consumer brands, manufacturers, and distributors have all partaken in the old-fashioned idea that seeing is believing. What most may not